Cactusfestival wants to give creative people from all sorts of artistic disciplines the chance to do their own thing at Cactusfestival. Last year, Tentakel made a beautiful park hang out with grass benches and cool rock chairs, surrounded by a green wall.

In 2018, Tentakel has expanded all of this with a sitting area at 'a higher level' and surprising visual work by numerous artists. A nice and inspiring environment to catch up and enjoy, without having to miss anything from the festival.

Artists & partners 2018:

• Tentakel | Facebook
• Schrijnwerk Hammertime |
• Wim Depoorte |
• Mesca Art | Facebook
• Tuinen Desoete |
• De Ambeeldtuin |
• De Clercq Beton |
• Logbies |
• Dak Repair

In cooperation with Schrijnwerk Hammertime & Tuinen Desoete.