Welcome to our oasis of wonder on the Cactusfestival grounds!

Plunge into our tropical hangouts or take a refreshing dip in the outdoor pool. Enjoy the authentic carnival atmosphere and relax on the banks of the Minnewater or discover young talent at our Busker Stage, while the kids find their way through imaginative installations. Oasis is a place for the entire family!

Circusatelier WOESH

Let your kids climb, scramble and lash out acrobatic rows with Circus studio Woesh!


The snout of your rug rats in colors you had never imagined thanks to Schmink-it!


Oasis is open on Saturday and Sunday from 11am till 9.30pm.

Oasis is a concept of Bolwerk in cooperation with Circusatelier Woesh, Schmink-it and Danspunt./p>