American-Belgian Trixie Whitley has never followed the traditional paths, nor in her personal life, nor in her music. Pushing her own boundaries and reinventing herself runs in her blood and that is exactly what she's doing on her new album 'Lacuna', which will be released in April. The album was written and recorded in Brooklyn, under the supervision of Run The Jewels-producer Little Shalimar, and has become a fascinating combo of electronica, r&b and indie rock. Add to that Whitley's stunning vocals and you get an intoxicating cocktail you can't possibly resist. We got a first taste with singles 'Heartbeat' and 'Touch', suggesting that 'Lacuna' will be a worthy successor for previous hit albums 'Fourth Corner' and 'Porta Bohemica'. No doubt about it: Trixie Whitley is back!

Photo: Kylie Coutts

Sunday, July 7th
9.45pm — 11pm