The bar was set high for Maarten Devoldere and Jinte Deprez, the two songwriters behind Balthazar, after the huge success of 'Rats' (2012) and 'Thin Walls' (2015). Both hit their limits: they had been writing music together since they were teenagers and had perhaps become too much of a well-oiled machine. The time had come for a break. Balthazar went on hiatus and the band members each threw themselves into solo projects.

After four years of solo efforts with Warhaus, J. Bernard and Zimmerman, the band rediscovered the appetite to write a new story together. The two frontmen started writing again, which shortly after resulted in 'Fever', the first single of the soon-to-follow album of the same name. The band have clearly evolved into a more mature version of themselves. 'Fever' sounds a little more exotic, has a little more funk and a bit more jazz than any previous work, yet it still oozes that typical Balthazar sound.

A new album needs to be played live, and Balthazar return to Bruges for one of only a few festival shows. They will close the Cactusfestival on Friday night, July 10.

Picture: Bobby Allin

Friday, July 10th