In 2012, the then still terribly young dummies took the Humo's Rock Rally stage by storm. Those in attendance were left dumbfounded, blown away by the band's steamy electro-rock. The judges were just as floored, awarding the dummies the gold medal. Eight years on, brothers Lennert and Janus Coorevits are still going strong. They become the very first house band on De Ideale Wereld, and Studio Brussels gave Lennert a fun gig remixing the news.

But making music has always been the band's biggest motivation. New songs arrived with the 'Satellites' EP, the follow-up to their debut album 'Silver Souls'. The band used some outside help for this new project, with Luuk Cox (Shameboy) and Johan Blende co-producing, and artists like Tom Barman doing some back-up vocals. 'Satellites' continues to build upon the foundations laid by their previous releases. 'Cry for Me', 'The Reeling', 'Holy Love' and 'Satellites' are all electropop-bangers that infect their audience like a virus. Once you're hooked, you'll only want more!

Compact Disk Dummies do not settle for anything less than a bouncing dance floor wherever they perform. That won't be any different when they play the Minnewaterpark on Friday July 10th.

Friday, July 10th