Unfortunately a summer without Cactusfestival

We are living in times, the likes of which we have never seen before. The world has changed dramatically. Our social lives have ground to a halt. We have never had to take measures like these before. The summer and its festivals were just around the corner.

Wednesday 15 April, the Belgian government decided that mass events like festivals are prohibited in Belgium until August 31st. This means that, for the first time in 39 years, we will have a summer without a Cactusfestival. It is the only correct decision. It does not come as a surprise to us. It was to be expected, and we stand by it. The health and security of our festival audience, artists, crew and volunteers is our biggest priority. Following the government’s guidelines. Taking responsibility. Taking care of yourself and your loved ones. Stopping this virus. That is what matters now.

Summertime. Festival time. Enjoying that unique festival atmosphere together with friends. But it’s that “together” which is the issue right now. It is expected that the safety measures will be toned down by the summer. However, experts think it is unwise to allow huge masses of visitors – both from Belgium and often from very far abroad – onto festival grounds this summer.

That this means that there won’t be a Cactusfestival, is a bitter pill to swallow, for our audience and for our collaborators, suppliers, crew and of course booked artists. Our sector is bleeding.

A big ‘thank you’ to our ticket holders who, despite unfavourable predictions, kept believing in the 2020 edition of the festival. We will contact you all by e-mail as soon as possible to make the arrangements for your purchased tickets.

For now: please follow the health experts’ and government’s guidelines as closely as possible. Doctors, nurses, health care providers ... They are the heroes of the moment. They are doing everything they can for a better, safer future. They deserve your ongoing appreciation and support.

We look ahead, towards better days. We remain positive. We are going to start planning for next summer. Because we want to be ready to celebrate with you once again!

Take care!


Questions about your tickets?
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