There's a reason to celebrate: Het Zesde Metaal is back! After 'Ploegsteert' and 'Calais', which have become Belgian classics, the band returned at the end of 2019 with 'Skepsels'.

Het Zesde Metaal have grown into one of the most respected bands in our country. Their personal tales and intricate character studies can be quite jarring at times. But you can sense that the band have traveled a long and arduous road, and that musically they have elevated themselves to the same heights as their exquisite lyrics. New album 'Skepsels' proves that: Wannes Cappelle and his bandmates have never sounded so confident. There's no need for grand gestures when a band can just hit the right notes and sound joyous and pensive, personal and critical of society at the same time. The band's latest effort isn't just a treat for the ears: Stefaan De Croock, aka Strook, created stunning artwork for it.

Het Zesde Metaalis well known for their energetic and engaging live shows. We're glad to get them back in Bruges this summer!

Picture: Ramy Moharam Fouad

Sunday, July 12th