Hot Chip's five geeky Brits have been fusing warm rave, scintillating synths and catchy songs into their personal blend of technicolor pop since 2006. Their colourful melodies and pumping electro groove allow the band to bridge euphoria and melancholy, causing them to conquer both dancefloors and airwaves. Their most recent record, last year's 'A Bath Full of Ecstasy' was produced by the late Philippe Zdar and proved that the band are still firing on all cylinders.

Hits like 'Boy from School', 'Over and Over' and 'Huarache Lights' are bound to get an indie disco-party going at the Cactusfestival. There's only one thing Hot Chip needs to know: Are You Ready for the Floor?

Picture: Ronald Dick

Friday, July 10th

Exclusive concert!