Sweden's Kristian Matsson has been creating melancholic folk in the vein of Iron & Wine and Bon Iver for a long time now. As The Tallest Man on Earth, his sound has always been about his grainy voice combined with a lightning quick fingerpicking style of play. When you add his energetic stage presence, it's no wonder he knows how to keep a crowd going.

It took a while before new work arrived, but in 2019 The Tallest Man on Earth finally dropped 'I Love You. It's a Fever Dream'. It's a stand-out record, that's as romantic as the title suggests. As a follow-up to successful albums like 'Shallow Grave' and 'Dark Bird is Home', it continues their great legacy.

The Minnewaterpark is just about the perfect setting to let yourself be carried away by The Tallest Man on Earth. What more could you wish for?

Sunday, July 12th

Exclusief concert!